Soul, Mind, Body Healing

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Unlock Your True Potential For Complete Healing

 You can break free from painful cycles and patterns. You can tap into your innate ability to heal and empower yourself and your life.

How Can I Help You?

Whether You Are Here Because You...

  • Face problems or difficulties that make life seem hard;
  • Feel somehow stuck, like you need something to change but don't really know what;
  • Suffer from hopelessness, overthinking or excessive worrying;
  • Are chronically stressed and low on energy;
  • Feel vulnerable to negative energies, either within yourself or from others close to you;
  • Want to become who you truly are and align with your higher purpose;
  • Suffer from chronic pain or other ailments where mainstream medicine just isn't doing the trick;
  • Are unhappy with where you are at your life;
  • Want to feel more secure, appreciated, respected and valued;
  • Wish to be happy and create health & balance between your Soul, Mind & Body...

... I can help you tune into your inner wisdom and self-healing potential through closing the gap between your Soul, Mind, Body & Life. 

What My Clients Say

"I have been feeling emotionally stronger and more balanced since the treatment. Simply put, I have been feeling exactly how I've wanted to feel: happy. Yesterday I felt very happy indeed, and in my heart region I felt that a lot of healing was going on as it feels much lighter and more open today. I am smiling more often now, inside and out. I have this wonderful feeling that whatever obstacles I encounter, everything will be okay because it is for my learning and growth. I seem to have lost that 'poor little me'/victim voice at the back of my mind and I feel so much more empowered by this. Words cannot express how thankful to you that I am."


What My Clients Say

"Since I received distant energy healing, my well-being has improved dramatically. I feel lighter and sleep better and the ringing in my ears has also decreased."


What My Clients Say

"I have had four distant treatments from Livia for a condition of arthritic thumb/tendonitis, which condition was extremely painful and debilitating. Not only is my thumb now back to normal, completely pain free and flexible, my general health has improved immeasurably in the last three months so that I have greater levels of energy and I have, (without actively thinking about it), improved my diet as a natural correlation to the treatment.

I would recommend this form of treatment to everybody. Not only did it have immediate results in the hours, days following each treatment, but there has been an accumulative factor too, which has meant I am enjoying even more, all aspects of my life."